OCTOBER 15, 2014
October 16 - Annual Volunteer Appreciation Dinner Eastern Star 6:00 P.M. Annual General Meeting to follow. This month is Blanket Distribution Month. Join us to hear how our blankets comfort to those who receive them. Members, there will be no projects available this month. Please do not bring completed projects to this month's meetings. EVENING MEETING at CNIB - 7 P.M. - WEDNESDAY, OCTOBER 22ND DAY MEETING at EASTERN STAR TEMPLE – 10 A.M. THURSDAY, OCTOBER 30

Spring 2014 Distribution Meetings.

At the March 2014 meetings, 377 blankets were distributed to 15 London and area agencies. This brings the total number of blankets distributed to over 8,000 in our 12 year history! This number does not include pet blankets distributed.

Agencies receiving blankets were Participation House; V.O.N. - Elgin; Craigwood Youth Services; Mission Services of London; Victim Services of Middlesex County; V.O.N. - London; Palliative Care; Heartspace; Crouch Neighbourhood Resource Centre; Village of Glendale Crossing; St. Joseph's Hospice; C.P.R.I.; Merrymount Children's Centre; S.W.I.M.; and London Chaplaincy.

The Crochet Club's 10th Anniversary!
March 2012
March, 2012 marks the 10th Anniversary of the Crochet Club of London ! At this point we have made over 6600 donations to over 100 local charitable organizations. We hope to continue to "Blanket the Community" for many years to come.
Devastating Loss For The Crochet Club Of London
June 2011
The Crochet Club has suffered a great loss as a result of the sinkhole that developed on Saturday, June 11, 2011 at the intersection of Richmond and Oxford Streets in downtown London. For the past several years, the basement of the Scotiabank at this corner has kindly donated space for us to store our yarn, and their basement was flooded because of the sinkhole. As a result, our Club has lost over $8,700 worth of yarn and storage bins. This is a devastating loss for the Crochet Club and its 90 members.

Movers were hired to relocate the salvageable yarn to a temporary storage facility for which we must pay. A special account in the name of "The Crochet Club of London" has been set up, and donations may be made at any Scotiabank branch in the city of London to help us get back on our feet. We would be very grateful for any financial support from the community.

The mission of the Crochet Club of London is to provide crocheted blankets/afghans to organizations that assist people in need, and to individuals such as fire victims, in and around London, Ontario. The Crochet Club also makes blankets/afghans for local organizations that help animals in need. Crochet Club blankets are never sold, they are donated to local charitable organizations in our community.