Introducing our first annual fundraising campaign

The Crochet Club has been “Blanketing Our Community” for more than 20 years and has donated over 16,000 blankets to people in need in London and the surrounding area.


The COVID pandemic continues to cause some interesting changes for the Club, On the positive side, our membership has grown by 30% as people looked for new ways to occupy their time. Consequently, we were able to donate over 1,000 blankets each year to local organizations compared to an average of 800 blankets in prior years, and we expect this higher level of need and output to continue.

But we face challenges as well. More members and mor blankets require more yarn and yarn costs continue to increase. An added expense has been rent for our Clubhouse. In the past years, we depended on different free locations to store yarn, completed blankets and supplies. When these locations became inaccessible during lockdown, we realized the only way for the Club to continue was to rent a multi-purpose space where we could store our supplies and safely allow members to pick up yarn and drop off completed blankets on an appointment basis. The flexibility and convenience of this space has worked well for us, and we consider it critical to the Club’s ongoing success.

The combined cost of this additional overhead is approximately $10.000 per year. We have set this as our target for our first annual Fundraising Campaign KEEP London warm! and are asking for donations from everyone looking to support our worthwhile cause. This campaign runs until September 30, 2023.

You can donate by:

  • e-transfer to (preferred method)
  • cheque to The Crochet Club of London mailed to The Crochet Club of London, 1552 Hillside Dr. London N6G 4M6
  • via Canada Helps by using the “donate now” button on this website or by using this link.!=true. Please note, Canada Helps retains a percentage as administration costs.

Thank you for your support.

Working Committees

Clubhouse Committee – these members act as hosts to members visiting the Clubhouse when it is open for visits – Sian Roberts guides this Committee.

Fundraising Committee – these members address the continuing need for funds – Sian Roberts guides this Committee.

Materials Committee – these members sort and store yarn donations and prepare projects for distribution to all members – Marion Honsberger guides this Committee.

Pickup and Delivery Committee – these members pick up yarn donations and completed blankets as well as delivering projects to members who cannot attend meetings or visit the Clubhouse – Marion Honsberger guides this Committee.

Tax receipts for members purchasing their own yarn.

Effective July 1, 2022 Income Tax (In Kind) receipts are offered to members who purchase yarn to make blankets for the Club – please note, there is no monetary reimbursement for these purchases.

Tru Earth products

There is a new way to support the Crochet Club financially through the purchase of Tru Earth products.

Please go to the Monetary Donations page for the details.